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Care and Maintenance Guide For Veneer Finishes

Knowing how to care for your table is of utmost importance as some regular cleaning methods can damage the finish.

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Our veneered furniture is finished with a highly developed lacquer designed for today's modern environments.

The two-part AC Lacquer System protects the veneer, retaining its natural moisture content, requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance.


  • A clean, dry, soft cotton should be used to dry 'buff' the surfaces as required.
  • A slightly damp cotton cloth (well wrung-out) could periodically be used to wipe over the surfaces, which should then be dried by buffing with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth. NOTE: There should not be any loose droplets of water on the damp cloth.
  • Stubborn marks may be removed with a slightly damp cloth and a drop of washing-up liquid. The area should then be dried by buffing with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth.


  • DO NOT use abrasive materials or cleaners of any kind.
  • DO NOT use any type of spirit (i.e. white spirit, methylated spirit).
  • DO NOT use any type of wax (i.e. beeswax).
  • DO NOT use any type of spray polish.

NOTE: If any kind of polish is inadvertently used, a reaction may occur with the lacquered surface. This is not normally detrimental to the sealing properties of the lacquer, but can give an appearance of rings on the surface.


As standard, 30% semi-gloss lacquer is applied to the veneer. This is widely used to reduce glare and diffuse reflected light.


Any spillages should be wiped up immediately and the area should then be dried by buffing with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth.


Avoid placing any sharp implements, or items with metal studs such as briefcases, onto the veneered surface, as damage can occur. We also recommend   the use of soft/non-abrasive-backed placemats/drinks mats. Avoid dragging equipment across the surface as damage can occur.

If damage should occur to the product, please contact us on 0845 5199 430.

All veneered products need to be treated with respect and if the guidelines above are followed, they will keep their appearance for many years.

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